Fire © Wendy Froshay

©Wendy Froshay
Oil on Canvas – 22 X 28
Original: $6200.
22 X 28 Giclée: $415.

Layaway Plans Available
Includes Signed Certificate of Authenticity

My goal with this piece was to portray the essence of the horse, rather than just its form. I wanted to blur the lines between physicality and spirit, and so I changed aspects of the horse to be less realistic. I knew that I wanted to create a much more abstracted painting that emphasized the motion and strength this animals hind quarters. I knew the colors I wanted to use in this piece and had completely covered the canvas with paint and the gesture of the horse, but to finish the piece with the look I wanted was not so easy.

Neither the brush nor a palette knife could give me the feeling I was trying to convey with this painting. As I stood looking at the piece, I suddenly felt the urge to dip my little finger into a puddle of paint and mash a mark ‘just so’. Eureka! That stroke said what I wanted and so I completed the expressive detail of this piece by painting with my fingers.