Letting Go © Wendy Froshay©Wendy Froshay
Watercolor on 100% Rag Paper – 11 X15
Original: Not For Sale (private collection of the artist)
Layaway Plans Available
11 X 15 Giclée: $65.

Layaway Plans Available
Giclée includes Signed Certificate of Authenticity

A long dark and lonely night stretched before me. Newly divorced, my children were away from me overnight for the first time. Sad and full of melancholy, in a new town and state where I knew no one and could not yet find my way to the grocery, I sat in the ever growing twilight listening to sad music and growing more sad.

Sorting through a stack of photos and reliving the memories, I landed on one of my son when he was 3. I could not resist and picking up a pencil I sketched my interpretation onto a scrap of paper. Caressing his image with my pencil, I soon became lost in my task. A thumbnail value study turned into a sketch on watercolor paper and energized by creating, I began to paint. Hours past and by 3 am I found myself with a beautifully finished new painting – and wonder of wonders – a joyful heart. I titled the piece “Letting Go” because through it, I had allowed myself to let go of the past and embrace the future with joy.